Multisite WordPress with A2

After looking at several options I settled with A2 hosting at around 12$/month but at least I have a bunch of domains on a single network wordpress installation and everything is working great.

Here’s the steps involved:

  • Go to your CPanel and install WordPress from Softaculous (not the optimized version)
  • Make sure it’s networking is turned on
  • To add an existing domain go to CPanel-> Addon Domains and let’s add an alias to our domain like this:

  • Then it will be automatically added to the DNS zone editor
  • If you have the domain on another provider (mine’s godaddy for example) you’ll need to set the dns to point to A2

  • Now back to your wordpress on A2 (yoursite/wp-admin). Go to My Sites, Network Admin->Sites

  • Make sure that you have your main domain / a desired wordpress folder. This is a hack basically. The real wp network site will live in that folder

  • The real trick happens in the Settings. The siteurl can be pointed to the actual domain we registered in the cpanel dns zone section

  • Now install the MU WP Domain mapping plugin¬†¬†and follow the installation guide.
  • Now the last step is to go to My Sites -> Settings -> Domains and add the unique site id (number .. you can see it when opening My Sites site in the url as the id parameter) and the new domain there (primary should be set to no otherwise it will simply redirect to your main site! Happened to me and made me waste a little time so beware ):

All set. If you visit your domain you should see your wordpress blog. Enjoy!