Granite PBT set for Matias/Alps – a short review

Signature Plastics released the awesome Granite set by Matt3o for Alps switches recently. It was like a dream come true and I promptly placed an order. I now have them on my KBParadise V60 with Matias quiet click switches. I must say the looks and the feel are awesome.

But… there’s always a but… it appears that they got the stabs completely wrong. And when I say completely wrong it means that they’re not compatible with the Matias stabilisers that usually come on the board. And using a cherry stabiliser instead will not fix it, it’s not centred and too tall so in the end they’re basically unusable. The only one that works, fortunately enough, is the spacebar. Luckily enough on my V60 everything seems to work just fine without stabilisers. Maybe because of the smaller form factor, or who knows, but I got away without using them and so I can still enjoy the new set. The rest of the build quality is super as usual. And I love the DSA profile.

Here’s a link to the set with reviews.